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Supporting organizations that protect the Out There.

...and pet shelters too

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We love being outdoors. 


The outdoors has a way of invigorating us, healing us, and bringing us peace.  It's where we draw our inspiration from and where we go to renew our soul. Whether you find yourself climbing a mountain, getting out on the water, walking through the woods, or just enjoying the sun while working in your garden you are immersing yourself in the beauty of nature and what the earth provides to us.


Our pets love the outdoors too!  We're sure they share some of those same experiences when they are Out There with us... and we love sharing our experiences with them!


The products here reflect our love for the outdoors and are a reflection of the inspirations it provides to us.  If you share the love we have you might find these products inspiring and useful as well. 


All of the products here are used by us, we bring them out backpacking in the mountains, fishing in the local creek, kayaking down the local river, on the beaches we visit, and even just sitting out on the deck enjoying the sun.

While these may not be the critical items that you pack along in your travels Out There, we're pretty sure that if you bring them along your trip will be all the more comfortable and enjoyable.

We want to help make a difference and we're sure that you do to, so when you purchase select products from our web store, a portion of the profits are donated to some great organizations that help support the outdoors:

Now go Out There and experience everything that has been provided for us to behold and enjoy.

Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet - Thich Nhat Hanh

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