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Enchant your Christmas tree

Layering floral, berries and other picks and stems into your Christmas tree adds life and they fill in the "holes" with depth and interest!

It's an easy trick that you can add on to every year! They don't have to be wintery at all either. This year I found some dried babies breath in the bridal section of a store and scattered it throughout the tree. Just pick stuff you love and incorporate it into your tree. It's that simple, and so fun! Try mixing in natural elements like twigs and branches too,

Tuck your chosen picks in and around, layering them and letting them spill out from the tree. This will emphasize and highlight special ornaments.

Tip: Put your stems on the tree first. It's not only much easier to poke them into the branches before you add your ornaments, but it also creates the beautiful landscape that will showcase them!

See how these layers really bring our tree to life? The picks add such a rich texture and warmth making our tree shine (even when the lights aren't on!)

We'd love to see your Christmas trees! Connect with us by sharing on our Facebook page. 🤍

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