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Jeanne DeBruin
-Whispering Woods Artist-

Find Your Whisper

After a lifetime of chasing the creative thing with paintbrushes, I threw them away and re-discovered the joy of painting like a child.

No planning.

No judging myself.

No expensive supplies.

Now I only need a knife, a ballpoint pen, and one color of paint... it's the color of birch trees and sparrows.

And so the tree whisperer in me was born.



In 1989, Mom started a gift/home décor store in Rochester called The House of The Crafty Mouse.  I didn’t know it at the time, but this store would become my identity.


In 2000, after the birth of my first child,  I decided to leave my corporate career at Target as a designer and buyer to lead and grow the business that Mom had established.  I learned very quickly this wasn’t just a store with great products and was really all about the people and our relationships with them.


In 2015 we decided to close our store, but I still get continually greeted with “Hey, it’s The Mouse!” where ever I go.  I get told how much they miss the store and what they call “The Mouse Experience.”


At The Mouse our employees were family, our customers were friends and our store was home for a few minutes or a few hours to all who entered.   We built that environment by putting our heart into it everyday.  We stayed up to date on trends in the market, built strong partnerships with our vendors and community, listened to and connected with our customers and always kept the atmosphere fresh and genuine.  We went home everyday feeling so grateful for the people that looked to us to inspire and help them. 

Since we closed The Mouse in 2015 I moved on full-time into my career as a Realtor at Edina Realty and Mom has been able to explore her artistry and see where it takes her.  You can view examples of her work at


One day Mom and I were sitting on the patio over coffee and the whisper of a new idea came to us through the branches of the birch trees out back...  What if we started a new endeavor?  I wanted a way to preserve the art that Mom makes, she wanted a way to more easily share her art, and we both wanted to have a reason to reach back out to the friends that we created at The Mouse.

Welcome to Whispering Woods Goods.  We're starting out focusing on Mom's art and creating products that you can't find in the stores that she currently distributes in.  In the meantime we are also helping her explore her ideas and creativity in a whole new modern way and we will be offering those creations here to you as well. As we develop and explore who knows where this will lead us in the future.  Maybe we can begin to offer that full experience that we once had at the store or maybe it really is as simple as the art that Mom creates. 

Whispering Woods Goods is truly a family endeavor.  With the addition of my Husband to our team we are able to electronically capture Mom's art and present it here to you on the internet in a variety of formats.  Include some quality control and moral support by Addie and Ashe and we feel we're off to a great start.

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Whispering Woods Goods


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Published Artwork © 2024 by Whispering Woods Goods, LLC - All Rights Reserved

Whispering Woods Goods utilizes Canon ChromaLife 100+ technology for longer-lasting, more vibrant prints.

Whispering Woods Goods utilizes Red River Paper Archival Grade and Acid Free Canvas and Papers

Always display prints under glass, plastic or in a book for maximum life.

People all across the country enjoying Whispering Woods Art and products!
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