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Find your whisper...

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

This is a concept we will build on as we share many things that inspire us and that we hope will inspire you as well. Hint: your whisper can't be found in your head because it lies in your heart.

I love to decorate and will infuse fresh decor ideas in our blog too.

I've always been drawn to the simple beauty of nature so have decorated our Whispering Woods Headquarters with some of these touches...

Think outside the box:..

I used old metal car rims to "frame" and showcase some succulents. You can use many different items as frames to highlight and add depth to wall groupings.

You don't have to be symmetrical - use varying heights to add interest.

Warm wood tones combined with metal accents and simple greens make arrangements come alive.

Mirrors and lighting create stunning effects!

Branches make great wall art and fill big spaces for FREE! Use as a headboard for an easy focal point in bedrooms too.

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1 comentário

I love the natural colors of nature in your inspirational decorative ideas. Thank you for sharing your ideas of the simple beauty of nature with lights, metal accents and simple greens. It is such a soothing peaceful feeling in our home. I have always loved the beauty of woods, fields, streams, and the sky. Your decorative ideas have enhanced my love for God's beautiful creations of splendor.

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