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What is your whisper?

What is your whisper? Have you ever had an idea, a feeling, or an inspiration suddenly happen to you? I think that was a whisper that found you.

I think that whispers are all around us and we can hear them at any time. They float through the air waiting for the right moment in time to enter the right persons ear.

Whispering Woods Goods was an idea whisper that found us. It came floating through the birch trees and one of us heard it and shared it. What if we started a new endeavor?  We wanted a way to preserve the art that Jeanne makes and she wanted a way to more easily share her art to people that find pleasure in it.

Do you have a special place that you seem to find those whispers? The beach, the mountains, the lake, or even just a special place in your home can be places that seem to collect those whispers that were meant for you.

Share with us a whisper that found you or your favorite place to hear your whispers. :-)

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